Our CarbonNeutral® Event Service is designed to help you help the environment!

These days, corporate events are still necessary to communicate important corporate messages, but can sometimes be viewed as wasteful in terms of the distances travelled, the extravagance of production and the disposability of materials used.

As a contribution to offering greener events, we have developed a quick and easy way to reduce your company's carbon footprint by making your event carbon neutral. It's very simple to put in place and is open to any company organising an event, even if we are not managing it.

Using an event carbon calculation developed by The CarbonNeutral Company and independently verified by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, we calculate your business C02 emissions for each element of your event travel, energy use (lighting, sound etc) and waste. This calculator gives us the amount of 'carbon credits' needed to reduce the carbon impact to net zero. Carbon Credits are simply a way to support a carbon offsetting programme. This means that, for every one tonne of C02 produced by the event, one tonne will be saved by a project somewhere else in the world they include solar schemes in India, hydro-power in China and methane capture in Germany.

An estimated cost of 80p per guest or delegate would make your event carbon neutral. You will then receive the IDEAS/CarbonNeutral® Event logo and certificate.

Benefits of a CarbonNeutral® Event:

  • Reduction of the companys carbon footprint.
  • Brand reputation with visible action on climate change.
  • Scalable and customizable to any event.
  • Meet corporate pressures to reduce C02.
  • Genuine environmental benefit.
  • Delivered by experienced, respected third party
    The CarbonNeutral Company.

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